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Hello! I am Jess, a 27-year-old aspiring designer with a huge passion for both engaging with, and creating, compelling design. 

As a designer I love to create effective design solutions across a range of varied media, and to generate sensitive and exploratory responses to my design briefs through effective strategizing, research, and production.  

As I have progressed as designer I have developed the belief that I should ‘make good & do good’, which has resulted in my interest in developing projects which facilitate social change, highlight injustices, and promote human understanding and inclusivity.  

Charity Advertising


I constructed this advertising campaign around the charity St Mungo’s - an organisation who have pioneered a variety of programs and initiatives to help those at risk of, or already experiencing, homelessness.

I devised an expansive campaign which included a subtle rebrand of the organisations' existing visual identity, a billboard campaign to generate awareness of St Mungo’s services, and an interactive, ambient campaign to encourage the public to engage in addressing the governments mishandling of the homelessness crisis.  

The wider ambition of this advertising campaign was to engage the public in St Mungo’s mission as a charity, to ignite important conversations, and moreover; to challenge the current narrative towards what people believe the future holds for those experiencing homelessness. 


A more in-depth run down of this project can be found here:  


Digital Creativity

This module was a primarily self-directed brief, except for the assigned subject of ‘space’. For my project, and in relation to this term, I chose to focus on the topic of ‘liminal space’ - the experience and emotions that come from being stuck in the ‘in between’.   

“My ambition was to challenge myself to generate an effective and clear visual solution which helps other make sense of an of an abstract and often difficult subject - something of which we all experience at many points in our lives” 

I sought to experiment with appropriate ways to communicate feelings and instances associated with liminality, and focused on constructing a series of slightly abstracted animated loops which subtly communicated various  


To ensure the desired message wasn’t lost in the ambiguity of the designs, I constructed a story-telling experience executed on a website, devised to navigate the viewer through the experience of liminality with the assistance of a visual and written narrative.

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