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Hello everyone,
This is my page at the Remote Collective show, and I sincerely hope that you like the examples of work that I have produced. The last two years have been a great challenge to
me, which allowed me to discover and develop more skill sets, and discover more about myself; more precisely my strengths and weaknesses. I consider myself to be a hard-working, sociable and creative person because I want to create work that satisfies my client's requirements. I spend a lot of time developing and changing my work, while seeking opinions from other people and keeping in constant contact with my client. Most importantly, I enjoy working in a team where everyone can bring their best skills and opinions into the work. It helps keep an open mind.

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Everyone has a pair of chromosomes, responsible for the development of sex organs and everything else associated with that. Women have a pair of ‘XX’ whereas men have a pair of ‘XY’. In Turner Syndrome, one of the X’s in the pair is either deformed or missing entirely. Due to that, many complications occur that affect the health of the woman with the condition. In my research I have found that the missing X, in Turner Syndrome, is represented as ‘XO’. I have decided to use that as the icon for my campaign, which I have called "The XO Factor".




"I'm not just about wolves… Dragons are cool too."

Advertising Campaign

This unit required us to pick any charity of our choice. Obviously, I struggled to pick a charity because there wasn’t one that I was personally involved with. However, after some research, I have found a charity called the Turner Syndrome Support Society (TssS). This charity
provides support and reliable advice, for women and their families, who have been diagnosed with Turner Syndrome. To quickly explain, Turner Syndrome is a genetic anomaly that only affects women.

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Professional Brief

Along with my friend, Bradley Edwards, we have agreed to do a collaboration brief as we have different skill strengths with software, meaning we can help each other, and gives us more time overall to really explore
our skills and show what we are capable of.


For this brief, the plan was to develop an interactive experience which showcases how the world would have been different if certain technological advancements were never discovered. My role in this project was the visual manager. This means, I oversaw the visuals that were present in the app as well as the branding. We have created an app called Vega, which is an acronym for Virtual Education at the Galactic Academy, and the representative mascot for the app is called CH4RL-13

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