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As a designer I hope to engage people with the social and political world around them. In the work I created over the past two years I explored a breadth of visual communication skills to do so. I have an interest in culture and the way it impacts the world around us. I often express my own cultural background and interests as and where I can.

The work shown here is a direct result of my fascination with the Middle East and what its culture looks like once mixed with the West.

Professional Brief

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The good the bad and the ugly’ is a publication that I created to focus on the history and stories of Libya that span generations but more importantly give the people back their voice. Often you find that in conflicts everyday people are the ones most effected and it is their voices that are rarely heard. I wanted to acknowledge the vast history of Libya which looks at more than the widely known Ghaddafi days and pay homage to the real heroes of the story. Libya’s people.

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Advertising Campaign

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A charity that I volunteer with called Bridges for Communities, is a Bristol based charity that works with both refugees and asylum seekers to help communities integrate with each other and create a more cohesive society.

I chose to focus on a specific event they hold called Peace Feast where meals are held for people of all walks of life to eat together and learn more about each other. I angled the campaign about people of different backgrounds coming to the table, both figuratively and literally, and joining a conversation to improve the world we live in.

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