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First year students enrolled on the Fda in Graphic Design with Interactive Multimedia course are eligible to compete annually for the Stanley Hooper Memorial Award. The award was set up in 1993 jointly by the West of England branch of the Institute of Printing and Brunel College of Performing Arts and Technology, later to become part of City of Bristol College. The award is now funded and run by the Institute of Paper Printing & Publishing (IP3) and Reach Plc.





We want you to take a stance on how to address climate change. It could be on the global scale or in a local, nuanced manner that targets a specific audience. Consider the various aspects of climate change such as, say, how sustainability in practice and production may in some way contribute to addressing this global problem. Whatever direction you take must employ your typographic skills to deliver a strong, well-considered strategy. The design is a visual interpretation of an idea: without the idea it is cosmetic.


In a cluttered and fragmented media landscape, it’s increasingly difficult to capture people’s attention and imagination. The growth in popularity of streaming services, social media, news and entertainment apps have changed the way we spend our time and drastically altered the way we formulate and share our views and opinions. Digital marketing experts estimate that most people are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day, so it’s crucial campaigns from consumer brands, businesses and charity’s cut through the clutter and engage with their target market. Think about the stance you have taken, the associated key messages you have developed and design a series of digital campaign adverts designed to capture the attention and imagination of an audience you think may be interested in finding out more and promoting the cause. These ads would be placed on websites of all kinds and would direct people to a website about the cause you’ve chosen.

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