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I’m Bradley, a graphic designer who was late to the party when it came to wanting to study graphic design. During my two years at university, I have found that I have a passion for branding, which has been apparent over previous projects, both within university and outside in the real world. I have learned new skills and discovered new ways to achieve a design which grabs the attention of the viewer. Graphic design surrounds us, no matter where we look. As a graphic designer, I feel that good design shouldn’t have to make you think or question what you are looking at, it should be apparent from the first glance.

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Branding and Packaging

The branding unit, at first didn’t strike any chords with me as we had to design packing for a futuristic form of music. I investigated modern and unorthodox methods of music and discovered bio-music, or the art of making music using animals or in most cases, plants. I experimented with ink and water to get a random and natural effect that would reinforce the idea of my band and the style of music that they create.

This created some interesting yet awesome ideas in which the patterns were unique and would go on to be developed further into graphical elements for my packaging, and also opens up to the packaging being limited edition and using a different image each time, to reinforce the idea of being organic and natural.

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Editorial Design

Editorial wasn’t my strongest subject in graphic design. When the brief for editorial came out, I originally struggled but once I had an idea in down on paper and a direction, I gained traction and progressed with my design. I went through the article and picked out pull quotes and imagery and then worked out how I would break the text up into paragraphs and how I would lay them out on the page so they would work best and be clear to the reader.

Snowdonia 2A.jpg
Snowdonia 2A.jpg

"it gave me freedom on the other pages, but also, I was able to use images a lot in my piece"

My first page was going to be usual and be comprised of a main image on a page with a simple yet effective title. This for me worked well as it meant that it gave me freedom on the other pages, but also, I was able to use images a lot in my piece and make the images the main focus of the article and have the text work around it. The text for me was the harder point to organise as there was quite a bit of it, however once I had my text sectioned off and organised neatly and on separate pages, it became so much easier to read and also place in places so that it makes the pages look busy but also explores freedom and nature.

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